Melbourne Accessibility Week

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Melbourne Accessibility Week – Dates

6- 10 February, 2012

AccessibilityOz is launching Melbourne Accessibility Week. Register now!

Monday: Full Day Seminar

AccessibilityOz founder Gian Wild presents the steps your organisation should consider undertaking to meet next year’s Government mandate and draws on 13 years of experience in accessibility to address topics including the differences between WCAG1 and WCAG2 standards, PDFs in the context of accessibility and updates to the DDA: Web Advisory Notes.

Attendees will get both an overview of the direction of accessibility and how it impacts their organisation as well as specific trends observed in sites undertaking compliance audits.

Hear from a panel of Government representatives who have undertaken the process to become WCAG2 compliant and how their organisations addressed the issues surrounding accessibility.

Draft program

Please note that this program may change in the future.
9.00- 9.30: Registration
9.30- 10.15: Accessibility Basics
10.15- 11.15: Victorian State and Local Government Accessibility Requirements and the Victorian Government Accessibility Working Group
11.15- 11.30: Morning tea
11.30- 12.30: The National Transition Strategy
12.30- 1.15: Lunch (provided)
1.15- 1.45: PDFs and accessibility
1.45- 2.15: Dealing with documents Panel: The PDF issue
2.15- 3.15: Demonstration of automated testing tools (IBM Policy Tester, HiSoftware Compliance Sherriff, Funnelback WCAG Compliance Tester and SSB Bart Group AMP)
3.15- 3.30: Afternoon tea
3.30- 4.00: Accessibility when building a new site Panel
4.00- 5.00: Changes between WCAG1 and WCAG2


Tuesday: Microsoft Word Training (1/2 day)

This session will provide participants with tools to produce accessible Microsoft Word documents.

Wednesday: Writing Accessible Content (1 day)

This session is geared towards content authors and provides participants with specific guidelines to write accessible content that is WCAG 2.0 compliant.

Thursday: Developer Training (1 day)

This session is geared towards website developers and provides participants with specific instructions and code to produce an accessible website that is WCAG 2.0 compliant.

Friday: Adobe PDF Training (1 day)

This session will provide participants with tools to tag Adobe PDF documents. The training covers PDFs developed from Microsoft Word as well as from a scanned document.


The Full Day Seminar is $350 excluding GST.

Each training day is $500 excluding GST. The 1/2 day training is $250 excluding GST.

Early Bird pricing

Register before 31st December 2011 and receive a 10% discount:

  • $315 excluding GST for the Full Day Seminar, and
  • $450 excluding GST per training day. The 1/2 day training would be $225 excluding GST

Full week discount

To register one pass for the full week (you can send different people to different days) is $1,800 excluding GST.

Early bird discount: $1,500 excluding GST (register before 31st December)

Register now!