Articles and Interviews

Articles written by Gian Wild

General web accessibility

What’s wrong with having a separate site for people with disabilities (2018)

US Department of Transport Rule for Web Accessibility in Air Travel (2015)

Accessibility during the build of a web site

Prioritising web accessibility during the build of a web site (2014)


CAPTCHA: Inaccessible to Everyone (2013)

CAPTCHA: How to do it right (ie. don’t use CAPTCHA!) (2014)

Design and accessibility

Design and accessibility: Use of colour (2014)


Making sure Alternative Text isn’t an afterthought – PEATworks (2016)

Accessibility Principles for Images – PEATworks (2016)

The Hidden Nuggets of WCAG2: The Wonderful World of ALT Attributes (2012)

The Hidden Nuggets of WCAG2: When Not to Use ALT Attributes (2011)

Interactive maps and accessibility

Did someone say map? Making interactive maps accessible (2014)


Making Accessible Links: 15 Golden Rules For Developers (2014)

Mobile accessibility

Mobile accessibility fails: Do we need a WCAG3? (2015)


The Unbearable Inaccessibility of Slideshows (2015)

Social media accessibility

Overview of social media accessibility (2019)

Social media accessibility features (2020)

Social Media Accessibility: Turning Off Autoplay (2020)

Social media screen reader accessibility compliance testing (2019)

Tables and forms

Table Accessibility Principles – PEATworks (2016)

The Hidden Nuggets of WCAG2: Information Relationships (2011)


Video Accessibility Principles – PEATworks (2016)

8 steps to Creating Accessible Video (2014)


How to read a VPAT (2019)


We should be celebrating our victories (2014)

The Hidden Nuggets of WCAG2: An Introduction (2011)


Interviews with Gian Wild

UX Australia 2020

UXA Episode 10: Gian Wild UXA Interview


Testing and Monitoring: End Users in Action (Expert Panel) (2019)

Codemotion Milan

Making accessible apps: Gian Wild reflects on challenges and solutions (2018)


Dave Gardy interview with Gian Wild prior to CSUN, talking about web accessibility (video) (2016)

Dave Gardy interview with Gian Wild from the show floor, talking about our products and OzPlayer (video) (2016)

Blind Bargains interview Gian Wild, talking accessibility tools and testing procedures (mp3)  (2015)


Sponsor interview – AccessibilityOz (2014)

The West Australian

Edge of the Web (2011)


Get Inspired! TABS Newsletter Winter (2019)