Living on the Edge

In July I’ll be presenting at the Edge of the Web conference in Perth.  There are two topics I’ll be discussing:

Changes to the AHRC Disability Discrimination Act

On the Thursday I’ll be addressing changes to the AHRC Disability Discrimination Act.  If you’d like to find out what’s changed, what’s been added and what you need to know, including how the endorsement of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Version 2.0 will affect you, please join me.

PDFs and accessibility: can they really be made accessible?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about whether PDFs really are an accessible technology.  With the advent of WCAG2, the power to decide has become the province of AGIMO and the Australian Human Rights Commission (formerly HREOC).  Their conclusions were that this isn’t the case and as such, PDFs should always be included with an accessible format.  Their view isn’t shared by everyone, however.  To find out more, join me after lunch on Friday to get the lowdown and make up your own mind.

I hope you can make time to attend the conference.  I’m sure you’ll find it extremely educational, not to mention enjoyable with the opportunities to socialise with like-minded others.  See you there!