I’m keynoting Drupal DownUnder 2012

Drupal Downunder 2012 - I'm Speaking
My very first keynote! I’m excited!

Check out their web site and program. With four streams, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

For a sneak-peek at what I’ll be talking about – it won’t be a standard presentation after all; it will be a keynote (!) – see the article in ITWire.

5 thoughts on “I’m keynoting Drupal DownUnder 2012

  1. Seojoe says:

    Great presentation. I asked the question on math captcha at your keynote. I didn’t find an email subscription to your blog. Can you add this email to your blog posts on accessibility.

    1. Gian says:

      Hi SEO Joe
      Unfortunately there’s no email subscription – just plain old RSS!

  2. Richard Hayward says:

    Hi Gian, thanks for your presentation at DDU2012, it was really great. One question, I made a note about your view of HTML 5, and the need to have a fallback for HTML 4. Where in your view does the deficiency lie, in HTML 5, adaptive technologies or browsers? We are facing browser compatibility issues with HTML 5 e.g. with Internet Explorer 7. Thanks again.

    1. Gian says:

      Hi Richard
      I would say the deficiency lies with both adaptive technologies and browsers. However, I am also very aware that adaptive technology manufacturers have very limited resources – much more so than your average browser company.

  3. Mr Snow says:

    Hi Gian–I also saw your presentation at DDU. You mentioned an executive summary of WCAG 2.0 that you wrote for designers/developers. I’ve been scouring the inter-webs for it–could you point it out to me please?

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